Hi, I'm Tanya, welcome to The Tiny Bag Co. , my bag & purse  store where everything is handmade using the finest quality fabrics and hardware. I am based in the small town of Gillingham, Dorset.

My love of making started a few years ago, around 2009, when I started making clothes for my rapidly growing daughter.  After a while I fancied trying my hand at something a little different and I made my first purse.  I found this was something I particularly enjoyed and soon branched out to include bags a well.  The next big question was what to do with all of my creations?  This was when The Tiny Bag Company was born!  As well as selling on-line I now regularly attend craft fairs and markets in the Dorset/Somerset/Wiltshire area.

Many of the bags I make are individual in their appearance, with different fabric combinations and pattern alignments. I hand make as much of the bags as possible, including making my own genuine leather handles.  I also use as many natural materials as possible, as I believe that they give a far harder wearing product with long lasting character. All of this means that I can offer you amazing quality bags that will last you for years to come.

The Tiny Bag Co. is committed to producing top quality bags, purses, and accessories in individual styles that stand out from the crowd!

I hope you like what you see,

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